Japan and the games.

Sony, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix are names of Japanese companies that you always heard. Whether a PlayStation 3 or Wii, Mario or Final Fantasy, the Japanese are behind this. If we remove role-playing and platform games, what are really our brothers from the land of the Rising Sun?

In arcades.

Asobuyo on, note the wide variety of games and categories. And it's not without reason! Some explanations need to be given ...

Be aware that some UFO site are typical of Japanese arcades. Such as the calculator love schoolgirls particularly enjoy.

Besides the pachinko games that are a mix of pinball and slot machine. A game that's addictive some people who spend their days and their economies above.

Also included in these arcades: DDR terminals (aka Dance Dance Revolution) that are challenging our sense of rhythm to the music of J-Pop; simulators baseball, auto racing, etc..

In an otaku.

Far from the arcades, the otaku (manga fans) have a guilty pleasure that is the visual novel.
In the West, such is not widespread. As between video game and interactive book, the profile of European players do not seem to attract the export of such games very special. Although best known novels of visuals in Europe would be the Ace Attorney series, where one plays the defense attorney Phoenix Wright.

Another very popular genre in Japan is the dating-sim. Games where you have to flirt with the opposite sex and maybe more in a limited time (3 year/100 days / ...). The series and Tokimeki Love Plus are worthy representatives in Japan.
In Europe, the Sakura Taisen series (T-RPG/Dating-sim) could come out on Wii episode "Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love" in 2010, nearly five years after its release in Japan! Before that, we had to settle for Persona 3 and 4 who had a small component dating-sim.

And in the end?.

Japanese are known for their creative madness, and we must admit that sometimes ... some games are just ... weird. But funny.
The category contains 100% in a few beads (examples:.Japanese Jello.,.Furniture Catapult.,.Sumo Dandlers., Etc.).

Overall, one can conclude that the Japanese are great players and play small things we should pay more attention, we Europeans. Because you should never underestimate the potential of zany games.